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We have 3 levels of Nail Masters:

Junior – Nail Technician who recently started their path in the nail industry. Such person finished comprehensive Nota Nail Studio course and follows all standards. Work supervised by Top Master on regular basis. Junior Technicians can’t do complicated designs and nail extensions. The appointment duration is also slightly longer. Junior will be a great choice for people who wants to receive the best quality service for an affordable price and don’t have complex requirements.

Master – Nail Technician with lots of practical experience. Capable to perform most of the services on our list. Such person finished a comprehensive Nota Nail Studio course to meet our standards. Master will be able to give you the cleanest manicure and pedicure experience with a large variety of designs. Master will be perfect for people who have average-complex requirements and want faster service.

Top Master – Nail Technician who’s capable to do impossible things with your nails. Such a person has teaching experience, knows all nail world modern trends, have their own proprietary design techniques. They will be able to fulfill any custom design requests, fix any nail/feet related problem, and give advice. Top Master will suit people who have complex requirements.

Naked – just work on cuticle. No gel polish application, no work on nail plate architecture and no previous coating removal included.

Base – most popular choice. Include everything from Naked + previous coating removal, smoothing the nail plate architecture, and single color UV gel polish application. Great choice if you don’t need a design.

Full – gives you full experience with application of 2-4 colors of gel polish or glitter application on 1-4 nails or design “Slider”, “Foil”, “Rubbing”, “Stamping” on 1-4 nails. Perfect for those who want to get multiple colors or design.

Regular pedicure includes work on feet “Dry treatment of feet with Smart disk” procedure – a unique service that helps your feet breathe again. Worth to try.


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