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In order to ensure that every client receives prompt and top-notch service, we've established some standardized procedures. We kindly ask that you approach these guidelines with understanding and responsibility

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asked questions about your visit
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Common questions from our valued clients

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions based on our clients' inquiries. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

Where can I see your work?

Please check our social media profiles:

Why such a price?

Our pricing reflects our commitment to top-quality materials, professional-grade products, and expert technicians. We ensure long-lasting, beautiful nails while maintaining a focus on safety and cleanliness. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How can I book an appointment?

You can easily book an appointment online.

Just select a service, choose a Master, pick a convenient time, fill out the client’s profile and provide your credit card details. We will confirm your appointment and remind you 24 hours before your scheduled procedure.

How to choose a Master?

We Offer 3 Levels of Nail Mastery:

  1. Junior – Nail Technicians who are at the beginning of their journey in the nail industry. They have completed our comprehensive Nota Nail Studio course and adhere to our high standards. Their work is regularly supervised by a Top-Master. Juniors may not perform intricate designs and nail extensions, and their appointments may take a bit longer. They are an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality service at an affordable price without complex demands.
  2. Master – Nail Technicians with extensive practical experience. They can perform most services on our list. Masters have successfully completed our comprehensive Nota Nail Studio course and meet our standards. They provide exceptionally clean manicure and pedicure experiences with a wide range of design options. Masters are ideal for clients with average to complex requirements who seek quicker service.
  3. Top-Master – Nail Technicians who can work wonders with your nails. These individuals have teaching experience, stay up-to-date with modern nail trends, and have their own proprietary design techniques. They can fulfill custom design requests, address any nail or foot-related issues, and offer expert advice. Top-Masters are the perfect choice for clients with complex requirements.

Naked vs Base vs Full Manicure/Pedicure?

  1. Naked: This option focuses solely on cuticle work. It does not include the application of gel polish, nail plate architecture work, or the removal of previous coatings.
  2. Base: Our most popular choice! The Base package includes everything from Naked, with the addition of previous coating removal, nail plate smoothing, and the application of a single-color UV gel polish. This is an excellent option if you prefer a clean, single-color look without intricate designs.
  3. Full: For the ultimate nail experience, choose Full. This package includes the application of 2-4 colors of gel polish or glitter on 1-4 nails, or you can opt for unique design options like “Slider,” “Foil,” “Rubbing,” or “Stamping” on 1-4 nails. Full is perfect for those who love vibrant colors and creative nail designs.

Visiting rules

Please arrive on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before your appointment. To avoid any inconvenience, as our technicians may be attending to other clients, we recommend not arriving too early. We will notify you if we can start earlier or if there is a delay.

If you are running late, inform us promptly. Otherwise, if you are more than 15 minutes late without notification, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment with charging you a fee.

For everyone’s comfort and safety of all, come alone, without guests, small children under 10, or pets, except for service animals.

Service may also be declined due to certain nail or skin disease, or inappropriate behavior, with charging you a fee if such issues are not disclosed beforehand.

Before your visit

Plan your schedule

You can find the estimated appointment duration on your online booking page.

Avoid applying grooming products

to your hands and feet before your treatment. Grooming products can moisturize the skin, making it more challenging for the technician to work effectively.

Refrain from getting a manicure or pedicure

prior to your visit. Having one before your appointment can complicate the technician's work.

Consider your preferences for colors, designs, and additional services

You can find the estimated appointment duration on your online booking page.


All services at Nota Nail Studio come with a 3-day warranty starting from the day of your appointment. If, during this time, you notice any issues or unsatisfactory results, you have the option for a free touch-up or maintenance. For any requests made after this 3-day period, you’ll need to book a regular appointment.

Booking and cancellation

You can easily book an appointment online by selecting a specialist, service, and a convenient time. You will receive a reminder message 24 hours before your appointment, which requires your response. If we do not receive your confirmation promptly, we will send you a second reminder or give you a call. Without your confirmation, the appointment will be canceled and the service fee will be charged.

The appointment can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance; otherwise, 100% of the service fee will be charged.

Any questions?

Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you quickly. We love to hear from you.

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